St Gildas
St. Gildas'
Catholic Junior School

Year 6

Classes 6Q and 6W


Welcome to the Year 6 page. Year 6 teachers are Mr Squillario and Miss White. Year 6 teaching assistants are Mrs White,Miss Marrinan and Mrs Bligh.

See below for an outline of our Summer Curriculum.


Easter to Pentecost


Place Value
Number work: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division objectives
Properties of Numbers
Positive & Negative Numbers
Ratio, Proportion
Average: mean, mode, median
Problem solving across maths curriculum


Year 6 objectives are taught through story writing: looking specifically at characters, settings, within writing whole stories
Non-fiction writing:
Persuasive writing genre
Formal letters
Writing (extended) across the curriculum: Religion, History (World War II theme), Music (appreciation)


Forces, Electricity, Evolution and Inheritance, Drugs Education


E-Safety, Website Development


Focus on World War II significant issues / turning points and how they have shaped / influenced Britain and influenced the wider world: evacuation, the Blitz, the role of women in World War II and how this influenced the development of Britain.

Introduction to the Ancient Mayans.


Focus on competitive games, cricket and athletics in the Summer term – incorporating Sports Day.

Year 6 Swimming programme – Haringey Swimming instructors: Park Road Swimming Pool


Study Art Deco of Clarice Cliff: geometric patterns and landscape. Explore her art using pencil and paints and make own pattern and landscape designs in similar Art Deco style. Make sketches and paint clay plates.


Music to be led by Linda Folens with class teachers and to cover aspects from the above areas and to focus on supporting Years 5 & 6 Summer Musical.

Appreciate and understand music of great composers – listen to and appreciate examples of classical music.