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Rosa's fundraising challenge

Rosa's Fundraising Challenge

The following letter was sent to parents today. Read on and find out all about Rosa's fundraising challenge.


One of our year 4 pupils, Rosa, wanted to play her part in raising funds for our playground and so she set about thinking what she could do. Rosa loves simming and so she set herself the challenge of simming 100 lengths of Park Road Pool, 1 length for every year in the school's history.

Rosa has been training hard and is going to face her challenge on Sunday 5th July. If you take a look at her Virgin Just Giving page (link below) you will see that, to date, she has raised over £1600 and promises of more money are on the way, which is absolutely tremendous. You will also be able to read about Rosa's story.

Park Road Pool has kindly agreed to give Rosa a private lane of the pool on Sunday from 11am to 3pm. Rosa is hoping to complete the distance in two and a half hours. Park Road has a viewing facility, so if any pupils are around on Sunday, they can go along and cheer her on, I'm sure Rosa would appreciate your support.

This is a huge undertaking and I'm sure you'll agree that Rosa deserves our support, we wish her every success in her challenge.

Best Wishes 

Mrs Hood