St Gildas
St. Gildas'
Catholic Junior School

Pendarren Party Report 2014

The Pendarren Party have arrived safely and have settled in well. The children are enjoying the Welsh air and spent the first day getting to know the staff, the local area and the routines of the house.

Yesterday (Monday) the party went on a walk along the River Grwyne enjoying the sights and sounds of countryside life. Today the pupils worked in four separate groups.

Two groups went on the river study which involved tracing a river from the top of a mountain right down to a waterfall. Part of the study involved caving - a highlight for all followed by a close encounter with a huge waterfall! Lots of photos have been taken, no doubt families will enjoy viewing these on the children's return.

The remaining two groups went canoeing and climbing - both activities were great fun and were very popular with all. Most people managed to stay dry but a couple of people (including staff) got a bit wet...oops! (We won't mention any names!) Following a tasty dinner this evening the tuck shop was opened - treats were bought along with post cards. Post cards will be making their way to families shortly.

The group have settled in very well to Pendarren life and are looking forward to a new day tomorrow. Today (Wednesday) the activities were the same as Tuesday (see above) ensuring that everybody had been given the opportunity to do the activities that they hadn't yet done. Once again there were a few wet children (and staff!) but all thoroughly enjoyed the day and returned to Pendarren House with many stories to tell about their day. The staff have been very impressed with the team spirit that the children have demonstrated today. All the activities were enhanced by this mature attitude and those who were feeling less confident about some of the activities were given the right encouragement to 'have a go' enabling them to succeed.

The story teller visited this evening and captivated the group with his stories; he was incredibly inspiring. The children's comments were all very positive, they really enjoyed the session. We're all off to the coast tomorrow to spend a day at the beach, the weather is looking good so, no doubt, we will have another memorable day. The children have really enjoyed receiving letters and cards from their families, they all send their love and best wishes to you! We spent the day by the coast today (Thursday), a fantastic day was had by all.

The children searched in rock pools and found crabs, fish, cockles, mussels, winkles and many other sea creatures. There was time to spend playing in the sand and paddling in the sea (wellies on, of course!) and we walked along the coast path admiring the scenery. This evening was 'disco' evening - long awaited by the children! DJ Hood took requests and the children (and the adults) danced the night away.

It was great to see year six getting on so well and enjoying each others company; a fantastic final evening at Pendarren. We have all had a wonderful time and will leave with some very happy memories, although there is sadness that our time here is done we look forward to being reunited with all our families. We will be taking part in a final activity tomorrow morning (orienteering and a walk along the river) and will then board the coach as we embark on our return to Crouch End.