St Gildas
St. Gildas'
Catholic Junior School


At St. Gildas' School we are committed to promoting e-safety. We believe that in an ever increasingly technological world, children should feel safe and secure when using ICT.

Our e-safety programme teaches children the safe and appropriate behaviours to adopt when using the Internet, email and other technologies, the risks associated with using the internet, email and other technologies and how to reduce the risks, and what to do when encountering risks. We teach children that if they encounter harmful or inappropriate content, or material that worries or concerns them, they must report it to an adult immediately. We also teach children the expectation for good manners in communications, the need to be critical of what they see online, the safe handling of personal data and security, and the risks of spending too much time using technology.

Children are asked to agree to our ICT Code of Conduct and Online Acceptable Use  Agreements. Both contain rules for e-safety and responsible use of ICT. Copies of both agreements are listed below. Also attached is a copy of our Use of Digital Images and Video Policy and Use of Social Networking and On-Line Media Policy.  Parents are asked to sign the Parents' Acceptable Use Agreement, to agree to both policies and to grant permission for their child to access the internet and ICT facilities.

More information on e-safety can be found on the website links below.